don’t go half-hearted

After the wondrous feeling of completing two long held UFO’s, i thought i’d work on something small, “easy” and colourful yesterday.

Ha. What a bomb. I had an idea in my head, but essentially only wasted time, precious hand dyed threads and a gorgeous piece of silk for nothing. If it doesn’t please, there is no point. Some would look on it as a lesson learned, a sample that might be valuable for future reference, but nope. I *do* believe in sampling now, and *have* some fabulous results that stemmed from them, but they’re simply not all going to be that Next Big Thing. (Yeah, yeah, they’re not all supposed to be, but like the three year old’s scribbles, you only keep the ones that actually show something. Seriously, not all scribbles are created equally, admit it.)

What i should have done is some actual thinking and planning. Instead i let myself be lured by colour combinations without thinking of the final look of stitch and design. Okay, that IS a lesson learned then. We all work at our own speed and desire to make–don’t circumvent your own processes! I “wasted” two hours on this little piece, time that could have been spent going through my own levels, instead of wanting a fast fix. And i say “wasted” because while all work has value, all work is not valuable when you spend so much time on the trivial. I simply can not make “little pretties”. I appreciate the work and commitment some put into these precious objects, but it’s not for me anymore. They no longer have any meaning to me–how many pincushions/needlekeeps/journal covers/ornaments/bags/tchochkes do you really Need?

So all i did was create more Shelf Shit. That’s the collection of things you think are worthy of accumulating dust because they are “themed”, that everyone gives you as an easy gift because you “like blue glass in the shape of celestial piglets”, and that somewhere down the road are given away after all because all they do is collect dust……Stoodios work the same way—we all have Shelf Shit we need to divest ourselves of. Don’t make more.

I could particularly kick myself because i DO have an idea i want to explore, a piece that is similar but different to what i have already done. Instead i obstacled myself, put crap in the path to trip over. I should have just jumped in and started–i’ve had the idea for weeks, i *know* what i want to do, say and how it will work, i could have sampled for that, but oh no, let’s futz around instead. (Actually, i don’t/didn’t even need to sample first because that was done when i started “A Birth of Silence”. That sample was good for a LOT of future work!)

Time is valuable in this house. (Not that it isn’t in yours too.) I work part time, and look after the house and garden, animals and Significant Other. (Yes, you do too.) I am lucky enough to have three 3 day weekends a month to work on things, including all of the above. If i don’t use them to advantage, i end up with the half days where i am more focused on getting ready for work, wondering if i pulled something out of the freezer for supper, stressing about Big Client needs at work, and wasting more time, than actually working in the stoodio.



Oh dear, there goes more time: i just wrote a blog post about wasting time, wasting more time.


4 responses to “don’t go half-hearted

  1. Oh dear! I remember the stress of trying to fit in art vs. real world work home etc! ( it wasn’t that long ago ) now a year into retirement and time, so much of that precious time, spreads out before me now and here I am stymied, blocked,stuck! Arrghh! I am not even wasting time with work that leads nowhere. Even I want to kick my rear! I have had a stressful year and I am sure that I just need a bit of time to heal, recover, and settle into all that has transpired. But yes, half hearted never cuts it does it?


  2. The blog post was perhaps needed to get rid of negative thoughts so as to start afresh? We all procrastinate in our own ways.
    Looking forward to seeing the development of your new work.


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