a collusion of ideas, part two

aerial sask fields and riversAbove, photo by Karin Millson, aerial view of Saskatchewan fields.

Below, my “in flight” sketches. (My seat row mate was quite befuddled by my enthusiasm……)

in flight sketches


Pulling elements together, approach, thread choices, indigo insert, discharged cotton:

first sampling 1

first with eco river b

first with eco riverThis is (so far) going the wrong way……   At 7″ size though, they could be ether future reference samples, or depending on how they turn out, the small “saleable items” we are to have for this exhibit also.

Either that, or i’m bluffing in the wind, and need to rethink, re-work, re-do. Reacting to someone else’s work is hard–you don’t want to imitate, directly interpret, or trivialize. I don’t/can’t/won’t want to replicate the Leighton piece, (that is not the point of the exhibit) but i don’t think i’ve delved deep enough yet, to express what the initial impression and affect it had on me. It wasn’t an Epiphany or Religious Experience, but there was a connection. Since photos of something aren’t due until April for the “officials”, this could be an intense period of research and development. I’ll choose to see it that way, instead of being frustrated and travelling the wrong path.

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