self directed workshop time

When you’ve been doing the same thing for several years, it’s hard to change direction! I have a recognizable style i work in now, but wanting to push it further, i’m finding myself gravitating back to the same things/methods/”words”. We all have approaches that for us are trued and true, with few variances: that can be a good thing in the beginning, but when it becomes second nature to do JUST that, it gets rather predictable IMHO.

I happily overdyed a rusted scrap yesterday and was enthralled with the results.

overdyed rust cotton

Because it was a scrap, i just played a bit, but soon realized after a couple of hours of embroidery, that it was still predictable and had nothing to do with the main subject matter. I like the look, i like the shape, but it wandered far from what i had wanted to express again, especially after adding the black dots…………

overdyed rust cotton sample stitch

SIGH. I can, probably will pick them out, as cotton is more forgiving than silk, but it will go into the pile of aborted samples. The fabric is perfect for the end intention, the stitching not so much.

Somehow i need to let go of the calcuable, subconscious response that is so locked in. As the saying goes “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results.” Obviously, i need to spend more time thinking than doing with the start of this one.

I have a series of deadlines to meet with this project, the first (April 4th) being photos of the smaller, saleable works that will go in the gallery shop. Maybe i should just switch to them as the main stitch focus right now, while my subconscious re-arranges itself. Back to the sketching, painting, paper ripping, pasting, scribbly notes drawing board…………


I’m slowly adding links and content to the new blog—galleries will be filled, friend’s links on the side bar, maybe some new things. Decorating is hard work.

One response to “self directed workshop time

  1. After fighting with myself for a few years about moving out of my happy little comfy box, I have decided that I like the box. I will take those little forays out of the box and make them work for me IN my box. The failed experiments are now learning steps and new techniques to welcome into my comfortable box. I don’t intend to stop experimenting. I will just keep those bits that work for me within my chosen style. Does that make any kind of sense? I suppose there is always an Element of evolving necessary to move forward in ones work. I just know I am not going to rip out the walls of the box. At least not today!


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