self directed workshop, part 2

Okay, i’m not sure where this will go, but i actually made myself go in there, and WORK. Maybe it was futzing around, but i WAS in there, and i DID get “something” done. (Edit, 3 hours later: i have no choice but to spend a lot of time in there–while walking DogFaced Girl along the riverbank Tues morn, i fell 8 feet! My damn knee went the wrong way and the next couple of days will be spent sitting, but not at the dread day job at the fffFlower Mines..)

l notes

how i roll

Not sure either if it helped for current goals and deadlines, but i feel better. No great revelations, no OMG moments, just going through writing down some “why’s”, some possible interpretations. A lot of “if i want to do this, how could i do it? Do i need the actual materials and skills to do it? What if i could magically do whatever i pleased, with no thought of how, the medium, the level of commitment?” This approach worked a couple of years ago: to that point, i had worked smaller, and asked myself “What would you do if you could work BIG?” Subsequent works were larger, and now i’m feeling i need to go back the other way: smaller!

So, whatever happens, happens. This is a self directed workshop, and rarely do bits done in workshops become masterpieces. It’s a skill mind time, not an end result.

Paint outs of the original Leighton fabric:

l sketchesI decided to go with the blues. It relates to the subject, it has an affinity with previous work about inner and outer landscapes, it’s do-able.

Possible Boro style stitching:

blue moon 1

While i like the idea, it has nothing to do with the “plans”. File under Possible Use Later In Other Work.


Small study:

study 1 a

Two different Valdani colourways above–i had to let go of the idea that anyone would notice the microscopic differences….they’re going to “read” the same on the blue with the stitch technique, so why worry?????

study 1 b

I do love that licheny looking overdyed rusted cotton—-unfortunately the only other piece of rusted cotton i have is so heavily crusted, that i know it will be a bitch to stitch through. A lesson to learn there too: control. Too much is too much. And this little study piece has possibilities for the larger work, so i’m on the right track, however winding it has become.

I’ve been writing notes to myself and taping them up in front of myself:



I WILL get through this, i WILL.  I also signed up for Jane Dunnewold’s Creative Strength Training online workshop. With the exchange rate as it is, it cost this Canadian another 121 on top of the US price, but what the hell…..I don’t have to travel, the woman knows what she’s talking about, and i have to stop dragging my heels about what’s going on!

What are *your* coping strategies?

5 responses to “self directed workshop, part 2

  1. and re coping strategies, in 1999 I had a big project with a deadline ( illustrating the zodiac for a friend’s diary)so I started working at 2am every day giving me a solid 6-8 hours in the studio before going out to garden which pays the rent and puts food onthe table as well as keeping Old Man Crow and I reasonably fit and almost sane. I still start work at 2am every day (if I need to go out at night I have a nap and drink a couple of coffees to ward off sleep)


  2. I love the idea of a self-directed workshop. I have been feeling lost for awhile and haven’t been sure how to move forward from it.I have to remind myself that I often get ideas in downtime, walking or doing dishes or whatever. Percolating. Taking this unattributed quote to heart: “There is literally nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so do not expect yourself to do so.”


    • I have those undirected moments also–with a pencil handy 😉 A lot of times, my best ideas come while freezing my bazotski off at the train station! BUT, a specified dedicated time says a lot as well–making the time is something we don’t do enough of–there’s always a cat/man/dog to be fed, dishes to do, a stoodio clean up—quiet time at the worktable is too often under-rated. THAT is my block in part.

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