blue, blue, my world is blue

I’ve written 9 pages of notes, scribbly sketches and what-ifs to myself over the last couple of days. Hands down, it’s circles and blue that attracted me to the Leighton piece, but part of it wasn’t gelling because i saw no “me” in it. In the small study i did, it was the rust dyed over-dyed cotton, and the good ol’ Frankenstitch that really grabbed me. Thinking on a larger scale made me dig through the few remaining pieces of rusted cotton, but no joy was found. All i have left is one piece that is so encrusted that i know there is no way to get a needle through it with satisfaction. I have enough holes in my fingers as it is, and am not going to fight with my medium!

On Wednesday morning i found something, hanging on the design wall, pinned behind a pile of other projects-to-be. I don’t know that it will be the finished piece for the exhibit (perhaps a “companion” piece???),  it’s not a new direction, but maybe a project “for me” will inspire something?

rust figure 1

So, gritting my teeth, i threw it in a dyepot with a different blue–i had run out of the original one i used. What’s to lose really? If i didn’t like it, i could redye, or toss it as a bad lesson. I also redyed the background.

rust figure over dyedThat one bar down the side: left, right, gone?

rust figure over dyed placement b

rust figure over dyed placement c

And yes, her head still needs fixing, as i noted when i made her–she’s looking rather a Grey (Alien), despite her naked blueness 😉

I do however have a problem to solve with the figure: my usual method involves turning under the edges, but some of these are very frayed and very small, so some of the smaller areas may have to be eliminated for the technique. It won’t change the look or intent much, so “so be it”. I must have had some now forgotten plan for it, otherwise it wouldn’t have already been cut out.

Dyed a lot of threads as well, mostly #10 perle cotton. I love the extra texture and weight of these, and they are perfect for Frankenstitching with, as they bite better. Commercial blues will end up in use also. When i said the next piece would have colour, i didn’t necessarily mean ALL colours!

blue threads L project

Yes, that’s a LOT of blue, but browns of all sorts will be added as well in the work, in variegateds and solids, maybe even touches of black or deep grey. Hopefully there are enough variances all told that i’m  going to be able to differentiate the figure from the background, add another piece behind the figure that will be visible also, and not have it read as “just” blue with no “focal point”. Oh dear, lots of hand work again……this one should measure it finally at 30×42″, give or take a few inches either way. (Depends on “draw-in” from the stitching, whether or not i add a bit to the sides for mounting on a canvas, my preferred method of presentation, or whatever the hell else also happens….)

Can a “new direction” be found by actively looking? Is it something that just happens? How do you learn to lean away from yourself?

distancing herself

I’m hoping the upcoming Dunnewold course, starting Jan 20th, helps with this.

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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