same same, but not

Dense, thick, very heavy, tactile–but not done yet. The way the fabric is distorting and moving makes me very happy. I have plans for this particular piece, but now i have other plans for the technique too. A good day for test and expansion.

borgling along

borgling along bThis is the strip down the side of the original layout:

rust figure over dyed

I might be doing another for the right side, though haven’t decided yet. One? Two? I like an accidental symmetry in my work, so two bars may be too “squared off”.

“Body of Water” will be a companion piece for my own enjoyment in the making to the Leighton work–it doesn’t successfully relate to the original inspiration except in my head. I like that this exhibit is having me try different ideas, but somehow i must bring it back to at least a modicum of “inspired by”.

notes b

Though i’m not sure it looks it, i’m feeling a bit free-er in interpretation right now–still not quite where i want to go, but baby steps, baby steps. Part of the problem is that i want to be a bit more abstract, but keep getting pulled back to the pictorial. While there is nothing “wrong” with this–because truthfully i have no interest in slapping some torn squares on and make a concept heavy statement to explain it—-i still feel there is something more to be said in my practice.


Your thoughts?

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