moving a river

Only a couple of floating sections left to do along the river strip.

figure and river

The next challenge is to do the main component, the figure. Several of the smaller “cut outs” will have to be removed as they are just too small to correctly turn and stitch. Less is more, right? 🙂 I’m also thinking some colour might work under this section as well.

figure fix

The blue lines above at her sides will stay “open” as those delineate her arms, but the insides are asking for some contrast or show.

figure fix 1Browns might work, but i want a bit more colour–my primitive photo edit program shows that brown as blah, too solid, not very exciting–guess i’ll have to audition something under–don’t want in your face guts, but something from my hoard of Deb Lacativa’s luscious dyeways may fit the bill.

4 responses to “moving a river

  1. I see her brain, not a halo … why not give her the brain she deserves ? more colour could come into play ?
    Sorry, haven’t been around much, should read the back story to this piece. Just got you in place on my blog list. I’ll be back 😉

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