Stoodio purge, a “fill up yours” sale :)

Part of my new discipline is to get rid of things i am not going to use. After carrying some of this stuff around for 32 years, it is way past time to let go!

If you are a “precious scrap” collector, you may be intrigued 🙂 Many of these pieces were culled from clothing in the very early 80’s, things i would guess were the result of someone cleaning Mom or Gramma’s closet, so some are definitely vintage/classic, and then taking it to the nearest “donation” box, whether charity or “neighbourhood commmunity house”. (Do those even exist anymore???) At that point i had discovered Yvonne Porcella’s “Pieced Clothing” chapbooks and was totally enthralled with patchwork that was neither a quilt, nor main stream “fashion”. I didn’t have any money to buy full yardage, so these fabrics ended up in some rather wild and spontaneous pairings.

Porcella inspired coat 1983

Machine pieced above. Made during pregancy’s long sleepless nights!

Hand stitched below, hand embroidery, hand quilting, hand beading…i had time then when the boychild was asleep…..

tibetan vest

Tibetan vest, 1984

And OMG, i actually found a chunk of that blue floral in one of the bins!!!!!!

I see a riot now in this coat below, hand dyed velvet, applique and things all adanglish.


“Love Lies, Bleeding” coat detail, 1996


Many hours of cutting and sewing this cloak, but i was SO warm–and it doubled a blanket on cold nights camping!

cloak 2000

Velvet cloak for SCA wear, 2000

Alas, i have none of these anymore, all lost in the 2013 Calgary flood……………………………


Digging through the rubbermaid bins that survived that flood was both a trip down memory lane and a few moments of “dear GAWDZ why did i save this????” (and yes, i admit to saving a few pieces for myself after all…) The fabrics run the gamut from glitz and glamour to “ethnic print”, and a few trends in between, in everything from cotton, velvet, unknowns and metallic blends and i-don’t-know-what’s.  I tried to group in colour, but there are a few Wild Cards as well. Are you a “Crazy Quilter”? Someone who loves to incorporate little bits and tell stories with them? Make big cloth out of small cloth? Does a scrap fire up your Mojo?

whole pan purge packs feb 1 2016

Cheap, now in the shop, under “supplies: fabric”. Buy three, i’ll give you a discount of 10% (refunded after purchase), buy 4 or more and i’ll take 10% off and 10% off the shipping also (also refunded after purchase). Spread the word—there’s lots to go to good homes!

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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