spring pointillism

It doesn’t look to you like much has been done, but *i* know it has 🙂

mmitm feb 5

All variations on backstitch, there’s some lovely crunchy texture happening again. I didn’t set a rule that this stitch was the only one to be used, but i’m finding it enhances, blends and delineates the colour well enough without being intrusive, that i may just stick to it for the entire piece.  (10×24-ish?) I do plan however on adding another layer of stitch on top of the whole, so keeping the background minimal (except for the juicy colour) is the best approach.

Since Calgary is mostly brown right now with only a few dots of snow (LOVE those Chinooks!), this work is welcome to my eyes at the end of the days.

Every day i work with flowers at the day job, and most of them are heavy on lots of colour and texture. When i come home though, this is what i like: simple, small, clustery, ornithogalums and tulips, in a terra cotta frosted glass “belly” vase.


ornies and tulipsSimple. Keeping it simple.

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