pukey week, with colour

On the weekend, we had our car’s driver side window smashed, so that the vandal could steal a whole dollar and Greyman’s driving cushion. Monday morning my computer was invaded by something and crashed badly, losing years worth of files which can’t be found anywhere, and necessitating the reloading of all software. Yesterday i started feeling sick, possibly/probably with the flu–in Valentine’s week, which has my boss AND ME, freaked about time and pressure at the fffFlower Mines. I was supposed to see Karin  last night who i miss desperately, but that  didn’t happen with all the puking, heaving, snarfling and whining. I’m scared to face another gallon of lemongingerhoney tea.

mmitm feb 10(Sideways because of viewability! Right is actually the top.)

mmitm feb 10 b

I hesitate to label this post as a JamDay because of all the shit that has/is happened/happening, but at least there’s colour.  Now to take the scissors to it.


winter window 1



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