a clamour of colour

“They” say the more often you have sex, the more often you will *want* sex. 🙂  I’m thinking it may be the same with colour!

moon start 1 mmitm

mmitm moon(The two blue machined lines are basting only.)

The pictures i previously posted were taken early AM, so below is a better shot in late afternoon that shows the textures better:

mmitm prima vera figuresI started this bright piece Feb 3 and figure it will probably be done this coming week. Not bad for someone who was resisting using colour again! I’ve even been digging through the more saturated threads and pulling aside possible colour combinations, not for this one, but for other “Maybe’s”.

Now lest anyone think that i am ONLY going to the Bright Side, my sketch/notebook is fast filling with ideas for my beloved neutrals and naturals. The little Prima Vera figures especially have lots of potential on a larger scale and in a slightly different treatment. With a lot of free association going on as well in my vasty head, i have also decided finally on work that will reflect the Leighton piece that drew my attention last year, and that is to be in an exhibition at the Leighton Art Centre. I do still want to finish “Body of Water” as a companion piece though, again with intention from recent thinking and diagramming 😉

Crayons full speed ahead!


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