THIS is why i love hand embroidery. You are just not going to get that texture with a machine.

prima vera moon texure shot

You can sort of see in the above photo that the “moon” is not really flat. Another bonus of my hand embroidery is that because i use no hoop, some areas will become more relief than others. While some may find this difficult to control and end up with bunchies, pulled in areas and uneven edges, i’ve done it so many times, that i know when the tension of my needle and thread has to be sparing.

prima vera moon dome

The way the fabric moves on its own is another part of the joy.

And now i am looking at this piece from 2012, never finished. It’s quite crunchy as it is, due to the heavier silk and the netting over some areas, but i’m thinking i’d like to do something with it now too.

digires april 24 2012


2 responses to “texture

  1. Looking forward to see where you “go” with this new piece…so much potential. The texture in the top piece shown in this photo, wow! I truly love this piece.

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  2. I sometimes think that it’s fun to find older work to inspire new work or a new direction. I have to tell you sometimes I even forget that I have made something so when I see it .. i fall in love with it in a way I hadn’t before .. so I think it’s a good practice!! I know what ever it is it will be fabulous!!! ps. I love your “attitude” Arlee!!!

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