a sum of the parts perhaps

I never finished this piece:

digires april 24 2012From 2010, it never seemed to say anything beyond TEXTURE! COLOUR! šŸ™‚ I see no story in it, so never went further.

This however……

detail Padded Cell Borod Time 2011 C

I have used those “cell wings” on other work as well. (Detail above is from “Padded Cell: Boro’d Time” 2011) They showed up on my SDA “Materialities” exhibit piece “How the Light Bends” 2015 as well:


What if i adapted these again and used them on that red piece? I’m thinking of strong(er) colours —– and may take the scissors to the piece before or after adding them. I want this heretofore untitled piece to have something to say.

I also have been working on Body of Water–and progressing not all….i’m not happy with it yet, even as a companion piece. Have been diddling around in the stoodio with dumb ideas and the gelling is taking its time…..BUT the actual piece for the Leighton exhibit is almost solidifed in my head–which means i best get to it SOON. Like NOW!

2 responses to “a sum of the parts perhaps

    • Thank you, jude. i think going back to old work, unfinished work means there are roots there we hadn’t felt before. They’ve had time to entrench themselves, grow and demand/deserve some light shone again.


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