thread notes


See that beautifully spun silk thread on the left? That was literally hand made by my friend Christine in BC!  (The dime and spool of machine thread are for size reference.) Fine, fine work! I dyed it with some indigo in small dips to create some colour variation, and that’s what i’ve used to date on the blue moon. Alas, i ran out last night and will have to switch to another thread that is fortunately very similar.

moon with christines thread


6 responses to “thread notes

  1. it seems to be a “truth” that never do I put enough of a thread in the dye pot…knowing what is going to be the “gem” is always a guessing game. Beautiful silk thread! lovely to have had it to work with, for sure.


    • When i do the dyeing, i usually throw in “too much”–which is fantastic for the next small project too, or for over dyeing–but i only had 8 yards of this hand spun silk from dear “Stine”!


  2. Hi, Arlee. I started my day well by stopping by to see you. I am forever a fan, even though I haven’t been much in blogland lately. As usual, your current piece is so beautiful. Anyway, just wanted to thank you so much for your contribution to our fund raiser. It is such generosity that is allowing us to move forward despite the evil in front of us. It’s lucky I stitch–as you know, it helps alleviate things. Thanks again. Best, nadia

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    • Again i send my best hopes for you and your husband, my dear. And yes, stitching can work wonders for peace of mind, even if only as a time marker….be strong, my friend.


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