Second Leighton visit, memory and perception

Contextural’s participating artists in the Leighton exhibit decided to go out again to the Art Centre on the 12th of March, and view the space we’ll be using, and the actual textile pieces we are relating to. I of course took my pieces to see how i was doing. Again, not meaning to copy or emulate, i wanted to see if i’m on the right track.

Firstly i admit to a big embarrassing mistake. The piece that has inspired me is NOT by Barbara Leighton, but by Marian Nicoll!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her work was much more graphic, geometrical and large scale than Leighton’s and i would guess then, that’s why i was attracted. I “saw” areas that could be interpreted into stitch!

Second mistake, though not really a “mistake” was going from secondary source material without taking into consideration things like the time of day the photo was taken and the light behind it.This is the original photograph of the work:

leighton batik 1 back

Ah, perception and memory! I “remembered” it as a lot of blue, dark areas and the whole much smaller. Here are the photos taken yesterday:

marian nicoll 1

More browns, the yellow and some very light areas than i had perceived from the original photo.

nicoll moon(Sorry about the angle on the second one, we didn’t have enough room to hang it and get a straight on shot.)

I thought the moon was twice the size of the one i have done–it’s actually huge!!!

nicoll and barr comparison

nicoll and barr comparison 2

My work looks so small now and insignificant in comparison. However, it is on the right track, so i may be rethinking a few considerations of size and colour. There’s always dye that can be added and areas that can be cut away and patched into 🙂 I do NOT want to copy, as literal and physical interpretation is not the point, but the mission has been somewhat sidetracked by my own reading of the photo from last year. (It was taken by someone else and emailed to me, so i can’t say my camera settings were wrong.)

IF i wanted to, i could also start from the beginning again. The actual exhibit is not until the beginning of August, which technically allows time for a complete revamp of the mission personally. That’s not to say this couldn’t still be part of my contribution. We have been encouraged also to add to the gallery’s shop, and this possibly might work for that end.

This post is mostly babble for my own benefit, by the way. The Big Girl Panties are on and decisions have to be made.


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