small pleasures

I’ve started small pieces for the Leighton Art Centre’s Gallery shop as i think about the changes needed in the exhibit piece.

3rd moon embroidery C

These are manageable in terms of time–a full day of concentration to execute. Seven inches square when they are mounted on their canvases, i have lots of ideas due to the size and time frame.

And what a lovely little surprise this was:

ABOS in X3 article Alberta Craft Council 2016I picked up a copy of the Alberta Craft Council’sĀ  “Alberta Craft” magazine and was pleased to see a detail of “A Birth of Silence” used in the article about the X3 Exhibit.


I’ve noticed that since i moved here from the old space, my stats are WAY WAY WAY down, abysmally so………….. This is disheartening in one respect, but then, i mostly talk to myself anyways, so wth, i’m just going to keep going. FaceBook i think has taken over for most people, though i still love a good blog.

12 responses to “small pleasures

  1. I’m another who reads blogs Arlee, FB is okay but I’d rather subscribe to a blog. In a blog I get to hear more about the process so please don’t stop. And then there’s the question about who the blog is for, do you get more benefit out of writing here or on FB? I don’t blog often but when I do it helps me work things out, helps me process my thinking and as a bonus it shows others that they’re not the only ones with the same struggles in heir work.


    • i get to be more me here–most i censor for FB or just don’t share—-reactions are not as personal there, despite all the (often overly) personal stuff shared on it……… i think blogging too is a better “record” of things (words and photos)–try searching even in your own feed on FB for something and never finding it !


  2. I’m here Arlee – just not commenting much. You know how much I love your work, but also know how you don’t like ‘blah-diddy, blah-diddy’ comments. So, consider yourself blad-diddied for the foreseeable future, and keep on blogging on!

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  3. Just because I don’t leave many comments does not mean I don’t ‘visit’ often! You are such a a spontaneous blogger, it’ s always a pleasure to follow your trials and triumphs here!
    Barbara X

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