Body Jam 2016–WOW

We at the ffFlower MInes were thrilled yesterday to see the first photos from the “Body Jam” collaborative hosted by Mark Laurie of Inner Spirit Photography .  (Warning, if you are a prude, or believe this is objectifying women, please don’t go there. The photos are tasteful, but face it, these women are for the most part, naked, covered only by a layer of paint or a few strategically placed frou-frou’s.)

I was unable to attend the actual “event” but my darling boss was there to adjust things as they went along. She said she was rather uncomfortable at first, surrounded by naked people, but the professionalism of all involved soon let her relax 🙂 I love the fact that my work was used on several models, showing that mood can be adjusted or enhanced by what other “accessories” are with the flowers 😉

orchid headpiece model 1b

orchid headpiece model 2

red rose head and arm pieces model 1

red rose head and arm pieces model 2

red and orchid models

I would LOVE to do this again. And you know what? These Floral Body Jewellry pieces are just as appropriate for a fully clothed bride as well, who wants something different.

Can’t wait to see the video next!


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