impatient curtains

I have sewn for Greyman, myself and the homestead not for a long time. Our front porch/sunroom still had the drab utilitarian curtains up that came with the house, so i decided to whip something up a little more memorable. Our new neighbours will no doubt hate them, but it’s my job as neighbourhood artist/freak to offend, bother and bewilder people, so WTF.

For the record, i made a few mistakes due to my haste in getting them up. I haven’t done any domestic sewing in years really. They DO hang straight, though in the photos look a bit wonky due to angles and crammed in corner stuff, but i assure you they are rectangular at least. However, one set is one up, one down, motif wise, and the others not only had to be patched for length, but one is wrong side away……..but they are all rectangular 🙂

impatient curtains

impatient curtains 2A very loud African batik, i didn’t know what else to do with this fabric. I think at one point i was actually going to make lounge pants out of them, but they would scare my couch when i sat on it, so nope. These below will be pyjama-ey lounge pants, the blue cheetah for Greyman and the wild flowers for me.

domesticity pantsAnd because i was on a roll, a new pincushion.

pinned heart

Just what i need to add to the 11tybajillion others. But it’s cute made from fabric i designed way back and had printed by Spoonflower.

What next? Cushions i’ll have to hide because the DogFaced Girl will muck them up, a new top (tunic style as always) for me that i’ll probably wear once at a wedding, and whatever else my bored little mind comes up with. There’s a reason i am no longer a domestic goddess.


2 responses to “impatient curtains

  1. Reminds me, I need to make curtains for my son’s remodeled kitchen. I like the African fabric but would not like it for pants… even for sleeping… would keep the man of the house awake.


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