time is a river

blue lady startPeriodically, i dig through my old Flickr account, and to my surprise, found this from July 2009. And Greyman thinks she might be in the basement rolled up in an old garbage bag! Apparently from the notes on the flickr photo, she was to be part of my plans for my first residency at ACAD through Contextural, and actually was going to be a Hoodoo figure. (No, not the WooWoo Voodoo Hoodoo type, but one of these.) Since that first residency was a HUGE bust, she got packed away and forgotten.

Sometimes i find my ideas go nowhere for a long time: not because i don’t want to implement them, but because i don’t have the skill set at the time of the concept, sometimes because everything hasn’t been thought through for end result, execution of idea and face it, true interest. Sampling is a wonderful thing, but obviously at the time, i got lost, biting off more than i could chew.

THIS is the Blue figure i mentioned in a previous post–i just hadn’t realized it at the time. She needs to be a little less “pointy”, though i also don’t want an obvious “head” either. The first step will be to take her apart completely. After being stored for all these years in a basement that was flooded in the 2013 Calgary disaster, i don’t want to be finding any surprises in her.

I discharged blue velveteen for this piece:

discharging velveteenNot indigo dyed, but sure looks like it! When i take her apart to check for possible damage, i think i’m going to add some more of the mokume style discharge, just a bit as i love that contrast of earth and water.

As is my wont, i am thinking of rivers again/still. Can one represent a river as a vertical 3d form? In the Feminine, i think so. Notebook scribblings:

a river is a space, a river is time    one ripple sweeps another changing the first and shaping the second, forming a third  but still the mother

old rivers become ripples in shape, winding and wandering back to themselves, carving deep veins in the earth

old rivers are womanly, curving and undulating, swift along banks but still and deep in the centre

she/river nurtures but sweeps roots to cross and tangle, knotting nets and weaving links

One response to “time is a river

  1. I was having a cnversation about ideas thacome before we’re ready for them today. some seem to have a long gestation period, get tucked away on some dusty shelf in the backs of our mind (or in the basement) and come into the light when we’re ready for them . . . that’s unless some shonky ratbag has had the same idea and gets to make it first.

    River notes . . . danger, getting swept away, current pulling at the ankles, holding onto others making the same crossing for safety.

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