mooning again

One (now in Australia!):


Two, the big one from the main exhibit piece, still in progress (sigh):

arlee barr_moon 1 detail_Leighton PRThree:

leighton moon 1 C

Four, almost done, a few squigglies left to do,reminding me of Van Gogh’s Starry Night:

Again, indigo and Procion, a bit of indigo batik in the centre pieces, possibly some potassium permanganate, as the background fabric was scrounged from the student reject box at ACAD a few years ago. I’m also going to have to fire up the rhubarb root dye pot, as the yellow threads are running out. They GLOW in silk and cotton, and without them, there’s not quite as much “life” in these.

I could make a million of these, and still have more ideas. I’m also eyeballing the few rusted fabrics i have left, for larger work, multiples, different moods.

Five, six and seven are in the pipe as well.

6 responses to “mooning again

  1. I LOVE this series…and agree with your assessment of the rhubarb dyed threads…they “glow” even in the photos on the computer screen. Each piece is so differently executed…and the series is fabulous.

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