dragging my feet

Fortunately, *she* doesn’t have any, or they’d be dragging too….

figure april 20

I do love the “crackle” stitch approach for the indigo areas, and relatively fast they are, but they aren’t, too ;( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least the roots work up fastly! I’m thinking she may be ready to attach to her background by the weekend. Of course, that means i now have to start auditioning fabrics for behind her–and am getting the feeling i may have to either indigo up some cotton, or go in a slightly different feel. She has to be integrated: she rises from Nature, but she also has to stand “out”, alone.

figure april 20 detail

I’ll have to start mixing strands of thread together for the roots—-my variegated browns in thickness and colourways are all too different from each other!

I have started the fifth moon in the series as well, but here is the 4th one done. Kept it simple simple, but i think the surround needs a *wee* bit more of that wonderful rhubarb root dyed thread.

L moon 4The next few of these are slightly different in configuration–a circle can be a sum of the parts, and the parts can be unique.


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