round and round –and round again, we go

Picked out most of the intrusive “WTH was i thinking” stitch areas (except for the bottom left still to be removed), and sticking to one slow circle a day. Well, actually a circle a twenty minutes…. I’m undecided yet about the cloud and mountain shapes–do i stick to the blue, or do i add that wonderful rhubarb root thread for the incredible glow it gives?

large moon

It’s going to be interesting to see if much distortion will occur when i stretch this one, or if the distortion will *be* stretched *out*–hoping it all works if that happens! I’ll just say it’s part of the “organic” process 🙂

I’m quite enjoying all this indigo work, but i’m ready for new stuff too–back to neutrals and rust? A different colour? Might be spending a month with some new sampling in the sketchbook and some different techniques. Or maybe a different medium. Time to ratchet things in a new direction. I love my work and my way of working, but i don’t want to be bored, stagnating or repeating myself.


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