background auditions again

More circles on the large moon piece last night, and yes, the glowing rhubarb root yellow thread for clouds, but today i must also get the figure where she belongs too!

Several choices, reminding me of searching for the perfect background for “Mother’s Heart” in 2013. (Looking for that post opens thought processes again for more of those wonderful anatomical hearts….) I don’t want her “dancing” on this work–though that would be difficult with no feet!– but i don’t want her “standing still” either. She must float, wave, hover, but still rise from, if that makes any sense.


Lfig back 1 CIt *could* work, but not in this context.

Better, but the borgles going under the figure would be problematic, even trimmed away:

Lfig back 2 CRather dull too.


Lfig back 3 CSome movement, some areas of interest, a contrast in texture.

I’ll trim away behind the figure though, because i’d really like to use the textured area in something else as well, maybe another small moon piece.

back 3 C

possibility moon


9 responses to “background auditions again

  1. Your background choice is what my eye wanted to see with the woman, also. Looking forward to watching the piece continue to develop.


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