roots trees roots

They anchor, they protect and provide. Encircling, hidden but supportive, invisible but aware.

roots trees roots

What is anything without roots? No connection, no growth, no change, no immutabilty. Paradox, needed but forgotten.

 A tree says: A kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought, I am life from eternal life. The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of my skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail. H.Hesse

One response to “roots trees roots

  1. Arlee…Love the stitching as it moves along incorporating woman and background….roots are so powerful. And the quote you shared was just perfect for me this day – thanks.


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