what shall she be named?

The Leighton Lady is almost done, but i hesitate to name her anything yet. She epitomizes not only a response to the response 🙂 to the original work done by Marian Nicoll at the Leighton Art Centre that inspired me, but also a connection to the earth and river forces that are so important to me. I’m having a hard time articulating what this really means in terms of simple language.

With the Milky Way behind her as so visible in the mountains, trees and roots from the site, and the river below (which is not at that site, but rather near me personally and physically), whatever she is to be Named must contain all that.

Anyhoo, “art speak” and “concept” aside, the last few inches have me in a bit of a dilemma. I completely veto-ed the first idea (done in photo editing, and imagine the white corona is in blue thread!), as trite, “expected” and a little too religion-y for my tastes.

corona or no 1 C


With photo editing again, i added a few of the circles to the right corner. I like the open lighter space around her, but it’s too loose physically, so will have to figure out a way to anchor it without the stitch being obvious, perhaps in the same silk thread used on the figure itself. I’m also going to remove that semi circle on her left shoulder, as it just looks wrong.

figure head idea 1 C

Here she is in her almost finished entirety.

whole figure may be end treatment may9 C

When stretched on her 24×9″ canvas, some of the stitched edges will wrap around the sides and back. I hate blank edges when i use this method to “present”–painters do this if they care, so why wouldn’t i?


5 responses to “what shall she be named?

  1. Hmmmm naming isn’t my cup of tea ….
    Some people just always hit the right tone … like Jude …

    (When I do my small quiltlets on canvas, I paint the sides,
    in the same colour as the quilt is there 😉 Hardly any cloth
    there to stretch around the frame ….)


  2. Naming is very difficult, I tend to do a word brainstorm and the thesaurus is my best friend. Just wondering if some subtle french knots might be good scattered in the space.


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