Leighton lady done

(But still without a name.)

Whilst Greyman and our dear landlord fixed the plumbing in the laundry room, i did my usual “gotta get it done” thing, and switched the tubage on to a really bad “natural disaster/supernatural” Cheesy B movie. Last night’s offering was “Ba’al: The Storm God”, perfect for chortling at and letting the Inner Needle take over.

Leighton unnamed blue lady C

The Inner Needle always knows what it takes and why, so she did end up with a Corona of sorts, a repeat of snowflakey stars, or star flakey snow thingees, which i quite like. The indigo dyed silk thread makes it luminescent enough to be illustrative, but not overpowering. Being as the Milky Way is represented in that shibori-ed swath, and she’s in the mountains, the interpretation works with the sky area.

Leighton unnamed blue lady detail 1 C

Leighton unnamed blue lady detail 2 C


I’ll be re-photographing her this afternoon, as the light between 1 and 3 is perfect to show off true colours and texture.

For a little break now, i’m working on two more small moon pieces, then must get back to the big moon, also untitled! Normally i have a naming choice from three or four phrases that pop into my head while working on something, but not this time. My thesaurus is well thumbed, but nothing’s popping yet. The deadline is July 30th, so hopefully inspiration will come! I’m not a big fan of “Untitled #1/#2/#3 etc” or “Moon #1/#2etc”.


6 responses to “Leighton lady done

  1. Arlee! These pieces you’ve been working on are truly wonderful, but what I’m excited about right now is that it seems I may have found another (intelligent) person who watches stupid action movies while they work! I’ve done this for years, to much rolling of eyes from people who think I should be watching or listening to something more edifying. But GOOD movies are distracting, whereas bad ones only distract the stupid part of my brain that would otherwise be distracting me from my work. Is this a usual practice for you, or just expedient at the moment? I feel a little stupid asking, and fear you may be offended by my latching onto this little detail rather than the (very inspiring) work you’ve been doing recently, but, alas, curiosity gets the better of me.


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    • HA! No, it’s a common practice for me —try “Little Dead Rotting Hood” 🙂 too–we look deliberately for the one star movies and have regularly scheduled “Cheesy B” nights! But i do watch the good stuff as well-stitching is just interrupted a bit more so i can concentrate!


  2. Just for the fun of it I looked up the meaning of the word ‘Leighton’ and this is what I found… it means ‘from the town by the meadow’ or ‘herb garden’ (from the Old English), and the Urban Dictionary says ‘a person that possesses quite large genitals). Hmmm. Thought THAT was interesting!! Not much help with naming your lady though.

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