reading runes

It’s time to start worrying  😉 thinking about other work, time to move away from blue.

truth stitchesFunny how an artist’s sketches become a form of shorthand–no one else understands the signals, signs and runes.  I can see in my head how these little thumbnails would look, i can imagine the effect certain stitches and specific techniques would have. I can even feel the texture. Over on my work blog, there’s a long post with notes and random thoughts, observations and what if’s abounding. Since June will be residency at ACAD again, i have been planning what i will do there, or rather, planning as much as natural marks and processes will allow the maker to assume! And as much as i love my hand stitch, i want to incorporate some machine back in, either as a base, or as accent, making the two meld together. FrankenStitch can and originally, way back in 2009 when i started it, DID combine both processes.

With what i have learned specifically in the past two (?) years from my dear friend Karin Millson, it’s time to rev up “Lalage”, my temperamental sewing machine.





Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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