getting ambitious

For a person who waaaay back in ’99 told her son “i don’t need a computer–what would i do with it: store recipes???”, i’ve come a bit further than beef stroganoff notes 🙂

Residency plans are shaping up well. These self directed times are perfect for developing new work, building skills, and hopefully, finding a few surprises in one’s self.

While i have copious ideas for my beloved natural process cloths, the ones i use in most of my work, this is the one that will be a challenge this year.


The original paint sketch above was done in 2012, and she has had one incarnation in the piece (still unfinished!) below:



While idling time yesterday before the ffFlower Mines day job, i was playing in Dreamscope again, trying various filters, and came up with this version:

atlan faceThis made my heart race! There’s definitely rust, potassium permanganate, iron and brazilwood, piecing, hand embroidery and a fair number of hours of work in her! I find it quite satisfying too, knowing that an intuitive sketch can become digitally transformed, and then finally “translated” into/with more organic processes.

Before i start “res”, the first week of June, i’ll be drawing up the “pattern pieces”, figuring out scale, pulling potential threads, and dreaming.

One response to “getting ambitious

  1. Oh how I love the process and results with the woman’s face; so looking forward to seeing how she comes to life during your residency.

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