black and white, and red all over

Yesterday’s orientation went well, with 25 participants this year, old friends and new friends joining in. We were also reminded that this year’s “theme” for the end of summer exhibit is “Self Edge”, a play on selvedge. HMMMM, ideas abounding.

I was thrilled also to see an active potassium permanganate vat that i can use! This bodes very very well for the challenge plans i have for myself. Photos below are from my 2012 residency.

process2d C

r-and-d-1 C


gold-moons1 C

The big bins that hold donated (or discarded!) yardage from students have grown to three! These treasure troves are large enough that one could fall in! I’ll have to crawl in the next time. I left some–great way to reduce my own unused stash–and took some, just barely stirring the top overflowing layers. And what a score it was!

In my sketchbook for a good while have been plans and scribbles for work using black, white and red. I found approximately 15 yards of red, maybe 4 of black, and a few assorted white in different weights and weaves. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I know there’s some polyester in the mix, as most “broadcloths” sold these days are a 60/40 mix, but that’s okay. Fabric is fabric, and there’s enough cotton in them to do what i need to do.

Now i have to go buy some big plastic sheets to protect tables (HOW did i forget them on the list????), and dig out my notes from the 2012 residency, and hopefully i can get in there tomorrow morning to start! (One of the other Residenciers (? 😉 ) has already screenprinted major yardage!)

One response to “black and white, and red all over

  1. Looking forward to reading your residency notes and seeing photos of the creations that emerge from the time there.


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