small exhibits: somewhat tongue in cheek, and “copying”

The National Gallery of Contemporary Fibre Art is a chance for all of us to produce small works and set up a display, complete with postcards, bio and statement, samples etc. Unfortunately, it’s not very visible to the public, buy hey, it’s a heck of a good way to “practice” and show is show ! It sounds so fantastic! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 In real life, it’s a showcase on the 4th floor of the Studio Arts , and is only visible to residents, techs and anyone who has a valid visitor pass! I’ll take photos the next time i’m at the school so you can see it in all its glory 😉

Since i had been planning on some red/black/white work and scored all that fabric from the student cast off bins, it was a perfect opportunity to showcase some new ideas. The original photo was this, from 2011 (mine, original Original lost in a hard drive crash, so i have to work from a small version):
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI “warmed up the temperature” in my photo editing program (Irfanview):

Cropped it,as i have time for only a small portion of this, due to time constraints and sampling efforts:

Turned it to black and white for pattern purposes:


And started chopping fabric, discharging, over dyeing–from 3 fabrics then (bottom fabric in each pile), i have 10 colours (though in the photo, the top reds look similar, they *are* different). The left red and the bottom black were a poly/cotton blend after all, but i like the effect the discharge and then overdye had on the black!

red experiment fabrics  They do not “match” the reds and red blacks in the photo, but that isn’t the point. And interestingly, some fly by brainlet on the QA mailing list pontificated that you were “copying” even if you used your own photograph!

Seriously, you think you are “copying” even if you used your own photograph??????? Why would that be any different than using your own sketch, your own notes???????????? I HARDLY consider it “copying” myself if i use my own source material, no matter WHAT medium i have “sketched out” the idea in.

A rather narrow viewpoint then, if no one can take inspiration from what is around themselves, be they photographer, sculptor, painter or textile artist…….Contrary to this belief, things do not spring “full blown from our sweated brows”!  She also made the comment that the old Masters just DID the painting, no models, no “copying” from nature, no studies, BULLSHIT. Why else do we have all the preliminary sketches we are able to see now of pre-work done?????

Now to select some threads.



4 responses to “small exhibits: somewhat tongue in cheek, and “copying”

  1. I think the “old Masters just DID the painting” comment may be wrong as there is speculation, as per a multitude of college art history courses (so I’m a geek!), that the Dutch Masters (ie. Vermeer) utilized a camera obscura to create their highly realistic paintings. Essentially is allowed them to “trace” (copying-LOL) from real life and then fill in the blanks.

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    • i think the brainlet is *rather* uneducated, period…………….no one has ever assumed they just immediately slapped the paint on without some pre-study in whatever form

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  2. this plan came to a screeching halt because getting a needle through polyester, no matter how much cotton is in the blend is an exercise n frustration and futility!


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