res day one

After a week of thinking and being at the Day Job after the May 29th orientation at ACAD, i finally got in to the school and some WORK done! I know some of my compatriots have already done HUGE amounts of their particular practice (and no, it isn’t a competitive sport, so don’t get me wrong), but hopefully this week, i’ll have something to show i’m doing something too. Day one was yesterday, because as i mentioned yesterday, results are always seen the next day 🙂

The major benefit of this residency is the space available. I could set up in my backyard in the summer–and have in some years—but the fact that i don’t have to battle with breezes, bird poop and not enough flat surfaces, is a real treat! And the school has some fascinating well rusted metal bits donated by various other studio practices in the annex 🙂 For the second time ever, i had company in that studio as well, so the time passed quickly with good conversation, and shared bitching about the heat 🙂 I find it very hard to concentrate if it’s too hot. When it’s cold you can always put another layer on, but if it’s too hot, you can’t take your skin off!

I’m not going to show you but one piece today. Not because i haven’t good results to show, but because i am so pooped from the heat, that i didn’t take the time to photograph all, or well.

feather C

I’ll be offering the feathers again in my shop, sometime next week probably, after they have “ripened” and been washed and pressed.

I am VERY happy with the pieces i have slated for my self given challenge, and will definitely be using one (or several) in the residency end exhibition “Self Edge”.  I realized half way through the day though that i need to stop making them–how many faces do i need?????


2 responses to “res day one

  1. You know, I can appreciate your wanting to be in a residency environment…much as I think I might like to be “in residence” or ‘on retreat’….but I have to wonder…what sort of impact on your “voice” (expression) would there be if sometime…one year…it was just you and your backyard and the !!@@** elements? Or me and mine? And wouldn’t that make for an interesting collaboration/juxtaposition? Hmmmm….!


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