res day two: nature and/vs technology

I had this bright, ambitious idea while playing with Dreamscope, to build some fabrics reflecting the different effects a photo editing application can have on a particular design. Since i make specific designs anyways whether i ecoprint or rust, it’s a natural progression in my mind. My hand drawn sketches are at best thumbnails and notes, (my handwriting is very difficult to read after 39+ years of taking orders over the phone that had to be done fast so as not to piss off the sender….) but sometimes they’re so obscure even to me, that developing some 21st century skills felt right.

I initially had plans first for this one.


res 2016 challenge

rebar 1

Still going to try it, as i envisioned it in piecing, and the photo of the fabric directly above this paragraph will come into play there,but i thought i’d best start with an easier task in designing the “base”.

ink face plansMy first try sucked.  I gave up half way through and this is the miserable result:

bad wiring

Trying to get the wire on to begin with was a bitch, trying to get it off is even worse!!!!!!!!!

The second experiment with the addition of a circle/moon. Kind of wishy-washy, but a start.

first facesThen i i knew what i wanted to do and how.

tr 1

atlan face 1

face doubles C

It’s quite satisfying to take old work and put a new spin on it, in a style that has developed over the years since first creating this one. It was made 10 years ago, in my “burning, machine-stitch-only- ’cause-handwork-is-tedious-and-not-artistic, use lots of glitz” phase. I pooh-poohed digital manipulation a long time too as it seemed like “cheating”, but hey, it’s just another tool. The original designs are mine after all, and if i had the skill to paint them by hand, would it have been any more “pure”? The initial work took a long time, the manipulation a very short instant gratification app online, the natural processes took overnight to react, and then the stitching will take a lot of time, so how can this not be hand-made, hand created, mindful, deliberate, satisfying? Working this way to me is like prepping a canvas: lay the base layer of primer, the first jots of colour and then interpret and extrapolate your subject.


Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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