new tenants

Told the landlord we have a secondary suite on the property now, but he’ll have to catch them fast to sign the lease đŸ™‚ (They’re also demanding a porch and awning.)

You know, these photos, this awe inspiring opportunity to catch these birds so closely, has me filled with joy and thankfulness for this house’s Karma. I was out under the apple tree, and could hear the babies chirpling away as they waited for a parent to come back. One stuck a head out and i thought GET THE CAMERA! Of course i stood there for a good ten minutes again, thinking they were not going to show again, and the next thing i know there’s one of the adult birds with a bug filled beak and babies popping out.

treewp2 C

treewp4 C

treewp6 C

treewp7 C

treewp9 C

treewp14 C

treewp16 CNow you kids behave until i come back!

tree wp1 C

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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