res day three, and a 12th blog anniversary

Enough with the faces ! 🙂 (Though i may do more with other older drawings as the inspiration, below a bag from 2007.)

fire face for bag 2007

Trees and roots were on my mind on the third day. (I always have to post days after while waiting for natural processes to process 😉 ) Here’s the current line dance.
line dance 2016 1

Of course, as soon as i hung them on the line, the wind came up, and the sun came out from behind a cloud! Will have to rephotograph some in the shade.

1 abstract

1 face

1 feathers

1 rebar

1 trees

2 face

2 feathers

Day 4 won’t be until Monday, due to that pesky Day Job thingee.

Happy 12th Blogaversary to me, whoopee 😉

3 responses to “res day three, and a 12th blog anniversary

  1. Loving the sampling of results you have photographed. Wonderful projects coming as you add stitch! and I look forward to seeing the progression of work on your retreat.

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