res day 4, indigo-ing, shop update

I realized amongst all the “patterning” i do, i still need some solids that become backgrounds, bases, retreats. I *was* going to do some indigo at the school today, but alas, the vat is dead, long live the vat. Tomorrow i will take in some of the chemicals and revitalize it. I can fire up my own at home too, but all the clamps and resists are at the school, so might as well have two going!

Really, the only thing i can show you today is several cloths drying. The first layer of colour, these will have more work done on them to make them more “complex” and to start story telling.

potperm resist 1 C

There are other cloths sitting as usual overnight, and tomorrow morning will tell if my efforts paid off.

I got only three hours of work done today, dragging my ass due to a sore back, lonely in the studio, too hot in the studio, and bummed out about the indigo None-ness. I was the first to arrive today and had to ask for the doors to all be unlocked!


It’s been a long while since i’ve listed fabrics for sale, so please do have a perusal of what’s available (starting in a few hours as i upload, probably around 6PM my time!). The feathers will be there, as well as some of the indigo, when i get that going…….

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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