day 6, and inspiration from the past

I’m not getting miles of yardage done this year, but i’m quite happy with the results.

Day 6

4 seasons

Indigo, of course. Only one clamp resist effort, as my overheated body could manage only that at the end of my day there yesterday………..And not clamped tight enough obviously, but WTH, i’ll add something else to it.

indigo day 6

Quite frankly, i’ve grown bored of ecoprinting BUT, FB pulled a reminder up in my feed yesterday, and seeing this again, it does inspire. A detail from “padded Cell: Boro’d Time” (2011), it is quite lovely.

do it againAnd i just happen to have been given a pile of peony leaves the boss saved for me at the fffFlower Mines.

(I’m also quite jealous of some of the results by others :), but haven’t had the wherewithal yet to try the addition of natural dyes during the process. Maybe i’ll have a self-directed workshop sometime this summer with that technique. I did last week buy a metal colander for use in steaming, so best use it to justify spending the coin!)

Day 7 of the residency won’t be until Monday. The Day Job looms for the next three days, today included, and we have plans to escape to the mountains on the weekend for “de-compression” time. Maybe i can collect some interesting leaves 🙂

4 responses to “day 6, and inspiration from the past

  1. You make me laugh…I am happy for receive your blog , with all your poetic experiences. I live in Brazil , and in this moment I am working with batik wax with tanino and rust and having great pleasure on it.I am using linen fabric , silk , silk organza , cheese cloth and cotton velvet.
    Thanks for sharing. I learn many things with you.

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