mountains and molehills

What a weekend! We had a marvellous trip to the Old Man River area of Alberta, near the Rockies, checking out PLU areas for our holidays in July. (We escape Calgary during Stampede, as it is sheer madness.)

It was overcast, it was cool, it was dusty as hell due to the low rainfall lately and much wind, but oh the beauty!

Coming back from Old Man River, we realized we had a flat tire on the Beast. Pulled to the side of the road, and started hauling things out, my faith restored in humanity as several people in pickup trucks stopped to help. (I have a thing about those guys usually–they’re normally arrogant no holds barred unsafe aasholes from most of my experience, but these guys were rather decent 🙂 ) We got everything sorted, then continued on. My dear Greyman decided we should go a specific route at a turn off, and we discovered going DOWN a newly gravelled mountain road with NO guardrails and a drop of about 1000 feet was scarey as hell. It was better the last time going UP. If you stop at the highest point, you can see right across this part of the highest foothills, nearly 200K away to the grasslands!

from the top of highway 532 alberta

(The video from the dash cam on this section is quite entertaining as i call on the Lord for help 🙂 “OH JESUS< OH JESUS! Yes, it’s a lovely, lovely view. OH JESUS.”)

When we cleared the last of this gravelly dusty road and turned onto highway 22, we discovered we had ANOTHER flat. On the OTHER side…………………No spare anymore, we sat for an hour and a half, enjoying the view and breezes until an AMA tow truck arrived to tow us the last 100K home. (And again, a pickup truck stopped to see if we needed help…i guess country pickups are happier, more helpful and respectful than the city variety!)

foothill vista 1See that pink hacienda in the bottom of the photo?

foothill vista 2

At least now, after having had to “fluff” the two back tires for months before we go anywhere, and worry about them on long road trips, we know now that with the new tires we’re going to have to buy, that part of travel safety will be okay!




2 responses to “mountains and molehills

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip in spite of the tires. Your photos are lovely. About pick up trucks, everyone I know that has one is a super good person who would stop and help a person in distress, and most likely would know how to fix whatever the problem was.


    • Unfortunately, this is not true for the most part in Calgary–it’s guys with a lot of money, big egos and little dicks, who cut you off, ignore the rules of the road, scare you with road rage and generally are assholes!!!


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