res day 7, at home

Somehow i ran out of cotton last week, and have to replenish the stock! In the meantime, i thought i’d play at home Monday, and see what i could do with one of the faces from the first week, kind of a ResJam day 🙂 (Those of you who followed the first albedo blog will know that a Jam Day is a time to just futz around and make messes, colour and joy, refuting the White Queen’s “Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today” statement!)

choosing threads first face tr

Choosing threads this way sparks the design too. Not all will be used, and i never decide on which stitch where until i load a needle. A mix of weights and twists, the proper colours and stitch types will fall into play as they will themselves to. I do know already that my original intent to recreate the face as a Dreamscope interpretation will fall by the wayside, as the piece tells its story the way it wants to. Dreamscope is fabulous for spurring ideas, and i have no doubt i could “copy” those results, but for now, this one at least will be its own master.

Based on this one below, from an original piece done in 2007, the first face above will be quite different.

ink tr flip

I’m mulling over ideas for adding additional colour to the background of the next one to be “inspired” by the above Dreamscope manipulation. I realized i don’t want an exact interpretation into thread and cloth, but it certainly stirs the imagination!



Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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