res day 8, abort

24 hour tummy bug yesterday, damn it, so no time at ACAD. This week sucked for getting in there, but at least on Monday i was able to find some more cotton. I’m going to have to do a LOT of work next week in the last few days i can get in!!!!!!!!!! I think the next time i do a residency, i will go for the three months! While some of the work i do is for the shop, i also try to have enough of a “stockpile” for my own work–and i’m not getting much of either done…….

I made the best of it however, and not only got a start on the first face, but managed to make 2 dozen sachets for the bread and butter sales. Boring but necessary 🙂 At least it smelled good while i was working!

I’m now “seeing” this face “dense” with asemics. Need to switch to a finer thread for the effect though, as both i used were so similar (swirls along the side of the face as well) that there is no visual difference. I’d use a silk, but the sheen makes it more obvious too.

june 21 tr rust face

tr eye

I love how the eye turned out, but doing the other so it “matches” scares me! It can’t be “identical” as light and shadow is different for each side of the face, but i hope the skew isn’t too skewy! The original work from 2007 that inspired this was all in colour, but her eyes were black/blank areas, so i’m winging this aspect. I also need to think how i’m going to add more dimension to the flower area on the left side of her face: it seems a shame to cover that with something, but it may have to happen.



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