Blue Moon, Leighton Suite Blue done

Done. Round and round i went, round and round it goes and glows.

Leighton Blue Moon

Except for the last bits of stretching the smaller moons to canvases, and signing the big moon, i can now say that my Leighton Suite Blue work is DONE.

Leighton Suite Blue

This is the first time i have done a deliberate series, with work based on each previous piece, and the first (and probably only) based on responses to another artist’s work, and i’m pleased with the cohesiveness of the pieces. I don’t know that the original Marion Nicholl work will be visible during the exhibit, but hopefully, there will be some reference to it, so that the audience can see the antiphon i intended. The whole process, in photos, sketches and ramblings can be found here.

With the deadline of July 30th, i’m well ahead of the game, and ready to move on to new work!

2 responses to “Blue Moon, Leighton Suite Blue done

  1. I love the center moon and the one above it. This pagan atheist finds them very spiritual. (Which makes me recall a Hopi elder’s quote: “We trust our art to carry us forward’ we carry our art in our hands.”)


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