riding off in all directions at once, total recall

Too many possibilities! But not enough thought, texture, design in the start……………….

I’ve stuck myself in a rut, as much fun as it was to design “whole cloth” fabrics to work with. I need to go back to piecing in, layering and shaping. I also want to go back to myself in a sense, maybe with the GIRL series from 2012.

girl march 28 2012I can “see” this better now:

milkweed paintstudies C

mw fabric 1

Maybe i’m just rambling, but i knew last night when i started stitching on the whole cloth piece, it didn’t feel right, didn’t satisfy, so much so that i burst into blubbering howls at a stupid, manipulative Sad Overly Dramatic Moment on the tubage because head and heart was so unhappy with what my hands were doing. Triggers are funny/strange/unrelated things.

Michelangelo-pietaSeriously? Yup, on “Containment” believe it or not……..

I still have some of that beautiful lace i used in that 2012 piece, i have bits of soft silk in the lavender and pink colours, i need more dimension and tactile whoopteedo’s–because it’s that texture that gets my heart racing, therwise it’ll languish in that damned pile of Maybe Someday I’ll Finish It. I post sometimes maybe too fast, too enthusiastically, and then Reality sets in, and the race is ended before it even began. Start at the beginning again. At least there isn’t any ripping out to do, and the start can still be incorporated.

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