subtle or bland?

Can’t make up my mind!

Did some tests yesterday with some of the tansy and solidago in a leftover madder pot. Meh. Top is cotton, bottom silk, and the thread is cotton—though i do like the thread.

tansy madder tests

My old method did not work well with the ecoprint though:

eco over procion ice silk

The cotinus barely made an impression on the previously ice dyed (Procion) silk.

The cottons were a bit better in the baths (tansy/solidago/madder bath):

cotton eco over procion silk in tansyand the other side:

cotton eco over procion silk in tansy b

Just tansy:

cotton eco over procion silk in tansy cc

Perhaps if i used the method i developed on my own, i might have got better results. (No, i am not sharing that because as a friend says “every dyer has her own secrets.”)

I’m getting to the point with ecoprinting of giving up, quite frankly. There honestly are many who are doing a much better pushing of the technique (witness Irit Dulman’s incredible work and teaching), and i can’t afford to take a class with her, mostly because of the distances away. I’ll keep the process in the arsenal, as there are certain results i can predict, and use in my  own work, but the days are gone of pots bubbling for weeks on end with reams and yards of fabric coming out. I also do still love the natural dye colours, so will continue with that: any colour addition, whether natural or “synthetic” pleases me, as it returns me to the days of “making potions” as a child. As my mother says “fabric is fabric”, no matter whether it came new or from old curtains, so colour is colour!

I’m still in a rut with the making though. Lots of ideas, little inclination to spend the time bringing them to fruition, too much thinking  “it’s been done before”, and little desire to keep doing the same thing over and over. The rest of the summer will be spent just f*****g around in the stoodio, with no real plan. I need to give myself a break, overly ambitious overachiever that i am.

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