someone must have hit pause

And now i need to fast forward all the way to Aug 28th, as that’s a deadline for another Contextural exhibit!

contextural self edge exhibit b

That gives me 26 days–i have ideas, and i have a plan, so best get on with it. I’m looking at this again, the sketchpainting that inspired “Ebb and Flow” (2014):


I still have this piece that was originally stitched for the Leighton exhibit. Not used, it could be incorporated into the new work.

stoodio blockage bFirst though, i have to clear the decks!

stoodio blockage

And yesterday we “decompressed” again at Horseshoe Canyon, near Drumheller. That’s the best kind of “pause”.

horseshoe canyon solidago and bergamot b

horseshoe canyonWe’ve never seen the bottom of this geological wonder so green and bloomy!!!!!

Greyman brought his drone, but it was a bit windy as he had to keep rescuing it 🙂

drone day at horseshoe canyonAnd Nessie, the DogFaced Girl, dogged at her best.

nessie at horsheshoe canyon


Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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