mad bad skills

Oh dear gawdz, are my machine skills ever SO very SO SO very very rusty and bad right now.

Or i could blame Lalage………..

My nodules in FM are CRAP:  changed the needle, changed the tension, changed the threads:  LOUSY.   Good thing i tested first rather than start on the real thing. I had pulled out my samples from Karin’s Extreme Stitch lessons and while i had taken copious notes, i couldn’t just couldn’t get the same results. I will spare you, but mostly myself, the embarrassment of showing the resulting snarls, twangles, danglish bits, squinched and borgled lumps sprinkled liberally with spit and tear stains.

I think i better hoop this time. And dedicate a COUPLE OF HOURS to practicing, something i OBVIOUSLY haven’t done in a good while…….

And now because i have to go to the Day Job at the fffFlower Mines, i will have 24 days left………………….


Here’s a picture of a flower.

bear grass blossoms

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