pull it together

Seeing all these photos in one entry makes it look like it’s going to be complicated. I don’t know how anyone else pulls elements together, but i visit the past (from my own work), research and then extract certain motifs or techniques and fit them together in new ways.

simple moonAbove is the base fabric, the main component of the piece.

I’m looking at these shapes below, seeing them surround the circle/hole/void/portal/egg/seed.


Above, original sketch/painting (2013), below in process detail from “Nightmare Interrupted” (2014).

acob front jan 18bsm cWhat i have in mind to do though, means that base fabric isn’t big enough. Below, the “filler fabrics” i deliberately created during residency this year will be pressed into service —and stitched and cut and pieced, as well as pressed 🙂

filler fabrics

I’m not sure if i will use both, piecing them into each other, or just one. The honeycombs/hexagons/cells make a re-appearance, a motif i return to often, symbolizing for me nature, chemistry and beauty. Hexagons occur naturally, are not just a man made construct, in everything from beehives to snowflakes!

hex 1


There’s machine work involved in this one as well. Lalage hasn’t seen much action in awhile, so i hope she complies!


I *think* the projected size will be around 24-30″ “square”, though my intent is not to make a square piece, but a dimensional, wall hung, more sculptural piece.

SO, now with the deadline only 25 days away, i best get at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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