finding the meaning in no meaning

I should keep my big mouth shut. Realistically, there is not enough time for me to create an entirely new piece for an exhibit that starts in 23 days, at least not with what i want to do to it….. Plans are wonderful, necessary to keep going and growing, but i don’t need to make myself any crazier than i already am, and decidedly do not need to frustrate my need to make with rushing and forcefulness. On that note too, what the hell is “concept” but construct?

So back to maybe not square one, but square 37? 🙂

Some of the ideas i had for the piece mentioned in the last post are valid for this, so i picked it up again last night, whacked a few more stitchings in, and can see where it’s going now.

se 1 poss

Still means a lot of work has to be done, but just keep going. I created the faces during residency for a reason. Read any trope or import into that.

3 responses to “finding the meaning in no meaning

  1. Last night i had a blinding epiphanous moment—ideas come out as they want, and i am so tired of trying to explain them so i sound Like An Artist…………..


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