moving along, and another backyard rescue

I could might get this done in time for the exhibit!

stitched hexes

stitched hexes b

The honeycomb/hexes/cells are stitched with rhubarb root dyed cotton perle–i just love the way this dye glows an any fibre!

I wanted to add more of my treasured and hoarded walnut dyed lace, but i put it somewhere in a safe spot–and someone has moved or hidden the safe spot!!!

And Greyman to the rescue again! He was going to mow the back 40 last night, but found a young robin by the lawnmower, so for the next hour we fed, watered and kept safe the fella until his Momma came back. He was full grown in size, but not in temperament or self care, but still with baby feathers, so pretty!

rescue 1

rescue 2

rescue 3

rescue 4

rescue 5

No sign of him this morning, so hope he’;s safe, but we can hear Momma.

4 responses to “moving along, and another backyard rescue

  1. I really like the hex outlines you’ve added- is that couched stitching? Hard to tell from the pics. And my goodness your birdie is adorable- I would’ve been taking mad pics of it too! Lookit his fluff!!! My robin that follows me around when I’m gardening I’ve named Smaug.

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    • That’s a whipped backstitch, one of my favourites. Depending on the weight of the thread, it gives a lovely graphic line, like drawing.

      I have a couple of garden buddy robins as well–one of them is Baby’s Momma. And he spent the night in a cat carrier in the sunroom, as Greyman found him again in the alley, soaking wet and cold. Happy and fed this morning again, he’ll be set back outside with the carrier door open, so he can decide whether or not to hang around, or go. Honestly, i think he’s a little “challenged” in the brains and fear department………….


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