still hexing in my mind

configurations C

ecoprint hexes b C

ecoprint hexes CAbove, a couple of years ago, i thought of making a small “traditional” “quilt” using these ecoprints. That went by the wayside and i did sell the pieces as packs, but i’m looking at things in a new light and getting excited about plans for work after the current piece is done.

Looking at older work sections as well, and loving the textures and soft colourways:

Haystack in progress 2010 C

Haystack in progress b 2010 c C

Haystack in progress b 2010 b CNow i admit, i “plan” a lot of work, get all dithered up, and then when it comes time, realize the idea is not ripe enough to work, or in execution does not please me after all. (A lot of that going on this year for me, for whatever reason….) Those plans get stuck on my work blog, sometimes re-appearing, sometimes cannabalized, but often dismissed and forgotten deliberately.

However…………this time, since i have been wanting to Return to the Machine, even if for only a bit, i can see my lovely new hex work done this way as well. Pulling together past work sometimes sparks new ideas that can be integrated into one piece. It’ll be abstract, rather than pictorial as most of my work has been recently, but it’s not always about the recognizable, the tangible object that gets my juices going.

As i was cleaning my stoodio yesterday, i found a leftover piece from “The Difference Between a Plum”— and look:


Now i see hexes used in this colourway and feel:



Soluble lace, machine work, hand stitch, shapes, woven sections (thanks to Jude for that wonderful class), natural dyes and soft colours. Of course, nothing can happen until the current piece is done for the Aug 28 deadline!

But, this one could be, will be, next.

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