there will be feathers flying again

next trick

I’ve decided to start with this orientation, another cloth created during my summer Contextural ACAD residency.

Of course, with wings, there must be feathers. I have *just* enough of these “filler” cloths for those, more fabric designed deliberately to be cut up:

filler clothsNot sure if both will be used, or just the one on the right. Or the one on the left. Or both. !!!!!!!!!!!

Previous feather work:

strange soul take flight work in progress 2013

Above, detail of work in progress “Strange Soul Take Flight” 2013.

Below, detail of “The Weight She Carries” 2014.

ts-twsc-detail-wing C

There will be hexes again, but done differently this time.

Today i will take a print out of the cloth to the Day Job for those pesky boring spare five minutes when there are no duties to attend to:

winged figure start bw

Your thoughts? (Spammers, good luck on that.)

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