signs of Autumn

Sigh. As a gardener, summer is never long enough, and this year the tomatoes have proved it. I’ve had to do some drastic pruning to encourage the fruit that has formed, to prevent the plant from trying in vain to produce more, and to get what little sun and heat we’ve had on the fruit, to make those poor babies ripen. I’m hoping we get some of that, enough to start the ripening before i have to pick and bring inside to finish……

But, really, that’s not what this post is about.


While i’m not “stuck” with progress on the winged figure “Rosehips”, i have been ruminating about what she means. Autumn definitely, her browns of seed and stalk, the deep violets of twilight, the greys of shade and old nests, her faded features only glimpsed by outline and shadow. Autumn is both a joy and an overwhelming sense of sadness, lost or set aside dreams. There’s a sense of fecundity in the harvest, but also an end to the fruitfulness of long days.

In every seed though is new hope. Those samaras above are so perfect, so evocative of the season for so many. Thanks to good ol’ photo editing, they work perfectly for addition to the current piece:

samaras SamaraTime to go through the threads again.


3 responses to “signs of Autumn

  1. Your second photo is the color combo that has been my most favored to work with for over 50 years….and the bits of seed pods and leaves are wonderfully captured. Thanks for the stimulation – will spend some time putting some threads and fabric together for a little bit of slow cloth stitching today – just going on this change of weather very chilly morning.

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    • Thanks Kristin, that combo is SO gorgeous, violets and browns have long been a fave of mine also–i use it over and over! The addition of corals though is really going to punch it up.


  2. AMs spring isn’t arriving fast enough for me . . . The weather forecast mentions snow, freezing levels are coming down further toward seal level, there’s a southerly about to arrive from the Antarctic, and what’s more my puppy is eating and flower buds within reach.


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